Our Name Inspiration

WR Tissues refers to “Wadi Al-Rafidain”, which points to the homeland of one of the oldest civilizations in human history, the Sumerian Civilization, which had significant contributions to the early development of human collaborations in agriculture, business, architecture, art and ethics & community. After the homeland of this great civilization, we name our organization, to motivate and be motivated in a business environment where our contributions to quality, integrity, and society are the determinant factors of our success.

About Us

WR Tissues delivers integrated, well known manufactured hygienic tissues and products that created our outstanding brands since 1975.

With our experienced, dedicated team work closely to generate real, tangible results for our clients. We understand our client’s personal needs for healthy and essential softness and know exactly what it takes to help them achieve their daily tasks in the best ways. The products we supply are at reasonable prices and in extremely good quality.

We provide supreme services such as Private Label Printing with your own brand to help you achieve your personal and business goals, our comprehensive service has created fantastic results for our clients.

About our brands

WR Tissues Products make a wide range of household tissue brands including the best-selling Soft and the best-selling “economically” Klenist in the middle east region and worldwide. Our main brands resonate with consumers and consistent throughout the client journey, now they are a necessary part of everyday life.

Our Commercial Division

Whether you are a corner store or a major corporation choosing the right tissue supplier can really lift your business.

From the softness to the durability of our commercial tissues we are committed to exceeding your expectations of quality, silky smooth and automatic – sterilization tissues to ensure absolute comfort at an unrivaled value of money.